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Upcycling with cans

Empty tart peach or mandarin cans can be turned into pretty storage containers: Simply spray them with paint and then decorate them with your favourite stamps!

Joy of swinging

Just let your mind wander... preferably accompanied by a delicious delicacy. A card greeting with a rocking feature that can be interpreted quite ambiguously.

Concrete coaster

Concrete provides a great base for stamp creations. Looks really chic and is practical too. Have fun with the re-stamping!

Flamingo swimming animal

Everyone should have a Flamingo Float! With a few stamps and neon pink we can conjure up a magnetic package for a little summer present.

Herb butter in a jar

Spontaneously invited to the neighbors for a barbecue? Herb butter prepared by yourself and wrapped in stamped paper is always a nice souvenir.

Iron-on beads fun

We were all directly in love with the little miniature ironing bead peace! That's why she was allowed to go for an airy ride with our balloon dachshund...

We will survive!

Again and again on Mondays... Dog Leopold von Bollersbach never misses an opportunity to provide cat Minnegard's life with the necessary spice.

daily spa

Always this stress! In the twinkling of an eye a pust-flower is transformed into a head crawler and for Frog Egon it's all about relaxation and enjoyment.