We will survive!

Again and again on Mondays... Dog Leopold von Bollersbach never misses an opportunity to provide cat Minnegard's life with the necessary spice.

We used it for the map:

1. blank postcard in taupe
2. Versamagic chalk stamp pad for the coloured motifs(Malted Mauve and Aegaen Blue)
3. Versafine Clair Nocturne for the characters
4. Stamps: dog Leopold von Bollersbach, cat Minnegard, tulip 4, mini stamp tulip 2 and flower pot, watering can, text stamp i will survive, raindrops and of course our confetti stamp
5. our "magic pencil" from Copic 0,3 in black

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The best stamping results are achieved when you dab the ink onto the stamp with the ink pad. If you want to learn more about our favourite colours, visit our >>> colour guide.