Decorate jam jar

Especially glasses with dark jams like raspberry or currant look really chic when they are decorated with white motifs without the edge of a label being visible. Dark "rimless" lettering also looks great on light jellies, chutney or homemade liqueurs.

To achieve this effect, we use decal paper, which can be stamped with special stamp pads. In the video we used:

1. decal-paper (available in the shop)
2. Stazon pigment snowflake (available in the shop)
3. pistil flower ring
4. pistil From my kitchen
5. a bowl of lukewarm water
6. scissors
7. a tea towel to pat dry

But be careful - of course it is not dishwasher safe. Have fun trying it out!

One more tip: The best stamping results are achieved when you dab the ink onto the stamp with the ink pad. If you want to learn more about our favourite colours, visit our >>> colour guide.