Give away tomatoes

mmmm, tomato time! Of course we like to share and give away the wonderfully ripe fruit in a self stamped kraft paper bag. You can download the cutting pattern below. Bon appetite!

to pack tomatoes in a selfstamped bag we have used these 'ingredients':

1. a sheet of kraft paper and a pair of scissors (you will find the bag pattern below)
2. Versafine Clair Nocturne for the black motifs
3. stamp: text stamp 'From my garden', eucalyptus stamp converted into a tomato panicle and the mini stamp variant, a plant with many leaves, Ermelind snail and of course our confetti
4. glue and a pen for marking

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The best stamping results are achieved when you dab the ink onto the stamp with the ink pad. If you want to learn more about our favorite colors, visit our >>> color guide. Here you can also find tips & tricks for cleaning stamps and using the colours.

Stamping instruction for a tomato bag with snail Ermelind