Hey! Silly load bike trip.

Weekly start! Panic breaks out and Huhn Dörte manages to escape on the cargo bike. Who can blame her for Monday?!

We used it for the map:

1. blank folding card square-cream-white
2. Versamagic chalk stamp pad for the coloured motifs(Eggplant and Malted Mauve)
3. neon radiant stamp pad Electric Orange
4. stamp: chicken Dörte jumping, cargo bike, text stamp moin, grass 2, mini stamp tulip 2 and tulip 3 as well as our beloved confetti
5. our "magic pen" from Copic 0,3 in black

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The best stamping results are achieved when you dab the ink onto the stamp with the ink pad. If you want to learn more about our favourite colours, visit our >>> colour guide.